Tuesday 20th of March 2018

Abella Agency is operated by a locally trained nurse, Mr Sivachandran(Chandru), who is dedicated and has the passion to serve the sick, aged and others whom needs medical and nursing care.

"Abella Agency was started in the year 2008 as a nursing company. Abella Agency is named after, Mr Sivachandran's daughter, Abella.

I travel around in my car, providing wound care management, bathing of bed or wheelchair bounded patients, feeding of NGT partients and other nursing services.

My main aim is to provide the best care for any patients at a very reasonable and affordable price. I do not want the patients to be stressed with financial burden of paying for expensive medical or nursing fees.

Today, Abella Agency has 14 local nurses, doctors, Ambulances and medical equipments imported from asia and europe. You can rely on Abella Agency for the highest level of customer service" - Mr Sivachandran

Dr See Ju Yaw(surgeon) with Siva in Spain for medical air evacuation


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